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Cybersecurity for SMEs: A Guide to Malware and Phishing

Cyber attacks hit thousands of businesses every year, but they can be particularlydamaging to startups and SMEs who lack the resources to pay ransoms or recover data immediately. Malware and phishing are two of the most common cyber threats that can put small businesses and their customers at risk. They can reduce productivity and even tarnish the company’s

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How Security Helps Your Business Grow

Cyberattacks involving businesses have become rampant nowadays. Since only a few owners are prepared for this type of criminal activity, it makes them vulnerable to such attacks. In fact, according to CNBC, more than 50% of all small to medium businesses in the U.S. have experienced a breach in the previous year alone. It is continuously increasing as

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Pivotal Roles for a Successful Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing is an essential part of every successful business’s marketing strategy. If you want your digital marketing plans to work, you’ll need to assemble an efficient team of professionals who can get the job done. Here are the essential people you need on your digital marketing team and what they can bring to your


How to Make Remote Work Easier for Your Employees

Business owners have had to contend with so many challenges during this pandemic. We’ve had to make do with a skeletal workforce, and not to mention the financial effects of the recession. While it’s easier to bury our heads in the sand until all of it goes away, as business owners, we have the responsibility

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The Most Profitable Computer Business Ideas

Computers have become an almost essential part of many people’s professional and personal lives. The market for these machines — whether they come in the form of laptops or smartphones — is a fast-growing industry in many parts of the world. If you’ve got a passion for technology and want to take advantage of the thriving

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5 Industries that Benefit Most from Social Media

Social media marketing is relatively new in the business world, and many assume it’s a ‘marketing fad.’ However, despite the skepticism around it, according to consumer reports, 92% of business owners state that they trust social media and word-of-mouth marketing more than other forms of advertising. Although any business can benefit from social media, there


Website Design for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to build an online presence if they want to market their brand and boost sales, and that starts with designing the website. People often decry tech as bland and lifeless, but website design is a great way to flex your creative muscle and further your brand. You can choose a playful design,

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Nine Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Computers

Upgrading your business’ computers can improve a lot of aspects in your business, from customer experience to employee efficiency. Find out if it’s time to upgrade by looking for these signs. You may have invested in top-notch units when you first started your business, but there will come a time that they will become outdated.

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