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Shifting Careers: Becoming a Digital Court Reporter

Man has the tendency to record history as it happens. It’s in our genes. Since ancient times, man has recorded everything he can in cave wall drawings, tablets, and stones to provide evidence that he existed. Over the years, we have studied these pieces of evidence as proof of our existence and continues to do

bail bonds

Be Sure to Deal with a Legitimate Bail Bondsman

Life offers many complications, and there are times when these would lead you to come face to face with the law. Misunderstandings can escalate and lead to arrest; or even neglect to follow the statutes of a new law. As the adage goes, “the Law may be harsh, but it is the Law“ and this

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Why Do New York Attorneys Have A High Salary

In 2018, a New York attorney would make $128,902 a year on median base pay, according to Forbes. The New York Times says otherwise and gives them a whopping $160,000 on their first year. Point being, attorneys in New York (or more like, in general) make a ton of money. The mastery of their craft

Wealth preservation

Know the Risks and Start Strategizing for Asset Protection Now

Wealth preservation ensures that your assets will pass on to your children and grandchildren. Anyone who wants to safeguard the fortune they have worked for should be prudent and forward-thinking. Unnecessary loss can rob you and your loved ones of hard-earned riches. You can discuss these things with a reliable asset protection attorney. Threats to

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Workplace Injuries from a Company’s Point of View

People often consider workplace injuries from the employee’s point of view. The concern on the part of the worker is often so emphasized that it appears to be a contest between the company and the worker. However, this should never be the case. Businesses are also interested in their workers’ safety. This may explain why

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The Talk: 3 Parenting-Related Questions Every Divorcing Couple Must Ask

Divorce is never easy. If you throw the subject of kids into the table, it definitely takes a whole new level of stress. But, parenting is a matter you can’t avoid in divorce. In fact, the earlier that you get parenting stuff in order, the better. At the very least, you and your soon-to-be-ex should

Couple signing a divorce agreement contract

Divorce Lawyers and How to Select Them

A lot of people might have dreamt of happy endings and forever after, but in reality, only a few are fortunate. If you belong to the unfortunate ones, do not dread. Going through a divorce is very normal and is something that most people go through and are able to bounce back from. The key

Wrongful death legal documents

What Damages Can You Claim for a Wrongful Death?

Whenever a loved one passes on as a result of the recklessness of another individual, grieving family members are likely to seek revenge. Sometimes, blinded by grief, they end up doing things that cripple any legal action they take up later on. Should your loved one die because of someone’s neglect, the right move to

A gavel and blocks with letters regarding child-custody and family-law concept

The Existence of Family Law Firms is Important and Here’s Why

Along with the advent of civil society was the creation of a set of rules that would bind its residents – it is more commonly known as the law. Throughout history, different situations called for various types of law. A spring of businesses created corporate laws, a rise in crime made more criminal laws, and

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