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Protecting Your Personal Assets from Claims Made Against Your Business

Personal asset protection should be the foundation of every good business. An entrepreneur who has made the simple mistake of having a sole proprietorship can fall into debts that their small business has incurred. They won’t be able to protect any of their personal assets when someone makes a claim against their business. Every single


Criminal Law 101: What is Burglary?

States have different definitions of burglary. Essentially, however, its primary elements include entering a property illegally with the intention of committing a criminal act inside. Before, the majority of states defined it as utilizing force for breaking into another individual’s house at night. Currently, however, the laws on burglary are much broader. Now, it’s related

Woman inside her car at a checkpoint

Know Your Rights at a DUI Checkpoint

DUI, or driving under the influence, checkpoints are often set up in locations where there have been several occurrences of motorists arrested for driving with intoxication. Police officers do this to prevent accidents and impose on civilians to be more vigilant against drinking and driving. Now, some police officers can be too stringent with their

Biker riding a motorcycle

Staying Safe When Riding a Motorcycle

There are three essential aspects to consider to become a proper motorcycle rider and gain confidence. So, we encourage you to take the time to read this guide. Before you go further, it’s important to know that whatever inconvenience you encounter on the road, you can always rely on a motorcycle injury attorney in Salt Lake City or

alone at the house

Keeping the House After Divorce: Is It the Best Move?

In many divorce cases, the ownership of the marital home is one of the significant issues that soon-to-be ex-spouses fight over. As the house is often considered the most valuable or the most significant asset that couples have, it is only understandable why some husbands and wives fight to keep the home or think that


Techniques of Reducing the Risk of a Wrongful Termination Claim

You cannot run a successful business alone. It is essential to get employees with the right skill sets to handle various tasks. In some cases, workers are considered “at-will” and have no written contract. This means you can terminate their employment for one reason or another at any time. On the other hand, an “at-will”

unhappy woman sitting beside her husband

Preparaing for an Upcoming Divorce

Divorce is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. When a relationship has deteriorated to this point, it can be hard to disentangle the two lives involved. Though divorce can never be fun or without a bit of negative feeling, it is possible to make it as smooth as possible. Like

Woman in front of the green screen

Shifting Careers: Becoming a Digital Court Reporter

Man has the tendency to record history as it happens. It’s in our genes. Since ancient times, man has recorded everything he can in cave wall drawings, tablets, and stones to provide evidence that he existed. Over the years, we have studied these pieces of evidence as proof of our existence and continues to do

bail bonds

Be Sure to Deal with a Legitimate Bail Bondsman

Life offers many complications, and there are times when these would lead you to come face to face with the law. Misunderstandings can escalate and lead to arrest; or even neglect to follow the statutes of a new law. As the adage goes, “the Law may be harsh, but it is the Law“ and this

female attorney

Why Do New York Attorneys Have A High Salary

In 2018, a New York attorney would make $128,902 a year on median base pay, according to Forbes. The New York Times says otherwise and gives them a whopping $160,000 on their first year. Point being, attorneys in New York (or more like, in general) make a ton of money. The mastery of their craft

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