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For Your Online Degree: Funding Your Paralegal Education

You may be already working. You may be earning money and are attending to the different facets of your life. However, they may be some instances when you feel dissatisfied with what you are doing. You have this impression that you are meant to be somewhere else — a place where you are destined to

father home schooling his daughter

Does Homeschooling Your Child Make Sense? Here’s What to Think About

In case you’re living under a rock, you may have come across the information that the latest singing sensation Billie Eilish, as well as her older brother and frequent collaborator, Finneas, have been homeschooled by their parents. The American pop star and her older brother were homeschooled by their actor parents, giving them time to

Child in preschool

Separation Anxiety Is Real: Helping Your Preschooler Manage It

Going to preschool is a huge milestone for kids. That’s why it’s understandable that they might hesitate for a bit and act out because of anxiety. If your child suddenly throws a fit on the first day of preschool classes in Phoenix, don’t fret. Although it seems worse, it won’t go on forever. But, how do

stressed students

Colleges Are Failing Students Everywhere

Colleges have long shed their reputation of being shining beacons of knowledge and learning. Today, colleges have become a cesspool of socialism and identitarianism, putting political agenda over the welfare of their students. Cult-like Indoctrination College is a cult that turns happy, normal high school graduates into angry self-loathing liberals. Every day, far-left college professors

Female student being bullied by classmates at the back

How to Restore Students’ Confidence After Being Bullied

There’s a lot of talk about bullying these days—how to prevent it, how to spot a bully, how to encourage reporting. But there’s never enough talk on what happens after, specifically how to bring back a student’s confidence after being bullied. It also seems that most efforts are geared towards older students, the middle-schoolers through

a blue collar worker installing a solar panel

Better Wages: Are Blue-Collar Workers Facing a Promising Future?

Blue-collar jobs — especially for skilled workers — is highly in demand. Companies are scrambling for skilled personnel to fill their ranks. This growing demand for blue-collar workers has resulted in more openings, higher wages, better benefits, and additional incentives. Companies want to reel in new workers as they do their utmost to keep the

father teaching his daughter to read

Effective Ways to Encourage Children to Read

One can never underestimate the benefits of reading, especially among children. A 2017 study by the University of Washington revealed that young people who read and write more are more likely to become good employees. These activities help them develop leadership or executive function skills. Reading is a complex activity, however, and it’s not a

Female IT doing Cybersecurity

Is it Worthwhile to Acquire a Cybersecurity Certificate?

The growing need for cybersecurity presents an opportunity for IT professionals not only to expand their skills, but also to earn a higher salary. Job vacancies are expected to increase steadily in the U.S., where there could be a 37% growth by 2022 based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. Some of the common

Fresh crime scene

What to Expect in a Criminal Investigation Course

The world of criminal investigation is probably one of the most seen in popular culture, thanks to television and movies. Crimes remain perpetually intertwined with the lives of viewers and the work of producers and actors in the entertainment industry. However, what is generally left out, owing to the complexity of the job, is the

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