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The Birthday Business: Why Extravagant Kids’ Parties are the New Norm

Social media has allowed people to glimpse into other people’s parenting methods. And from this, the world saw the rise of trends, such as gender reveal parties and unique baby shower themes. This also puts a spotlight on the fact that kids’ birthday parties seem to get more and more extravagant. This trend has opened

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Top Businesses You Can Start Up Near Schools

They say that business is all about “location, location, location”, which is why if you have a commercial space near a school or university (or if you’re in a college town), you may have just struck gold. There are a plethora of businesses that one can put up near schools in order to cater to

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Change Your Mind: 3 Unrealistic Expectations That Ruin New Entrepreneurs

Many new entrepreneurs start their ventures wide-eyed, very positive about what they’re about to do. This optimism is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it gives you that push to pursue things and make them happen. But, on the flip side, it can make you vulnerable to unrealistic expectations. The latter is what you should

Start own business

Funding for Start-ups: How to Become Eligible for SEIS Investment

Funding new enterprises with no proven track record is akin to giving money away, which is why startup companies have always found it difficult to get funding. Investors understandably shy away from overly risky investments and tend to go for companies that are already established or at least those whose founders have a proven track

real estate investment

Should You Invest In Real Estate?

Real estate investments are very appealing. Who doesn’t want to earn extra money, right? Whether you’re looking to be a landlord or invest in a REIT or real estate investment trust, you can learn about real estate investments below. By having some knowledge on investing in real estate, you’ll be better equipped when you talk

pest control

What’s the Significant Difference Between Pest Control in the Home and in the Workplace?

When browsing for pest control companies, you may notice that some offer residential services, some commercial services, and others both. It is important to hire the service appropriate to your specific establishment, because residential and commercial pest control have significant differences. Here are some of them: Variation Homes are spaces meant to be lived in

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Can You Discharge Tax Debts If You File for Bankruptcy?

In most cases, debtors will still be responsible for their tax debts even after filing for bankruptcy. But in certain circumstances, however, bankruptcy law enables the discharge of specific tax debts. With chapter 7 bankruptcies, debtors can discharge certain debts, including medical bills, credit card debt, and federal tax debt. While with a chapter 13

man looking for productivity improvement

More Than a Productivity Killer: The Real Problem in Shiny Object Syndrome

Every entrepreneur has fallen into the trap of shiny object syndrome. It’s easily unavoidable because the path towards it is so subtle. You go into your office with the sincere intention to focus on what you have to do that day, but then a quick look at an email newsletter shows you a booming business

Businessman computing budget

3 Bs: Business Budget Basics

The money that goes into business is something that you should not be taking for granted. Some businesspeople actually have this belief that the flow of money into the business is constant. But, that is not how things work. There are a lot of factors that will affect how your business operates, which include its

auto repair shop

Your Short Guide to Opening an Auto Repair Shop

There are many types of business to choose from in case you are planning to start an entrepreneurial effort. There are product-based and service-based. Product-based businesses tend to rely heavily on logistics and manufacturing. But if you want to have a one-time investment in equipment and you have access to manpower, you may want to

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