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Southeast Asia’s After-Pandemic Recovery Relies on SMBs Going Online

COVID-19 did not hit the Asia-Pacific region as hard as it did in North America and Europe despite its closer proximity to the origin of the virus, China. Although all member nations continue to face challenges posed by the pandemic. As a result of national lockdowns and uncertainties brought by the disease, economies took a

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How Small Businesses Can Keep up with the Latest Trends in Their Industry

These days, virtually every business there is can be found online. This is after the pandemic made people reevaluate their shopping habits. As consumers do more online shopping, brands of all sorts started boosting their marketing efforts. Some started building their professional business website. They hired the best webpage designers to create easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, and search-engine-optimized sites. They


3 Things You Can Do to Get a Higher Pay When You Do Not Have a College Degree

Education is a basic human right, but not everyone has access to it. Even in developed nations, access to education, especially post-secondary education or tertiary education, is not affordable to all citizens. In Australia, more than one in 20 people are drowning in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Students have to take out

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Divorce 101: What Happens to Your Debt?

If you are currently going through, or are planning on getting divorced, you’re probably wondering what will happen to you and your spouse’s debt. It’s very common for married folks to combine their finances. They usually have joint savings accounts, credit cards, loan accounts, and buy real estate together, which could make it difficult to

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Overcoming the Struggle of Making Money from Your Art

The life of artists has been romanticized too much. We have the movies on Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and of course, Frida. All of them had a pain worthy of Hollywood. All their paintings cost a fortune now. If you’re an artist, you know how difficult it is to live on the sales of

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Employee Termination: Proper and Legal Laying Off a Worker

As most businesses know, its employees are the lifeblood of any business model and are the backbone of any company in driving up shareholder value. But even though most employees will work hard to ensure that the company’s net worth will steadily increase, there will be times that employees won’t meet the company standards in


Search Engine Optimization: What Will Its Future Look Like?

With technology being at the helm of most of the world’s economy, it has a major influence on the future of a lot of companies; whether it’s small-to-medium business enterprises of large burgeoning corporate giants, technology is constantly evolving to fit the needs of the general public. Most businesses and companies are vying for control

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Three Cost-effective Ways You Can Keep You Business Alive During the Pandemic

It’s not just loved ones that other people lost during the pandemic. Some lost businesses too. Others were just lucky enough to stay afloat. There are some who are on the brink of bankruptcy too. But there are also others who doubled or even tripled their profits during the height of the pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

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Intimidating Technology: Real Reasons Why Many Entrepreneurs Fear Automation

We live in an ever-changing world, and the only way to survive and stay competitive is to welcome change in your organization. No matter the type of industry your business is in, it makes sense to keep up with the latest trends. This way, you can edge over your competitors and cater to your target

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Helping Your Employees Help You — Addressing Performance Issues

Not all employee performance reviews will be positive. Expect targets to be missed and some employees to underperform, and as an executive figure, you’ll need to find a way to improve the situation or part ways with an employee. When it comes to the daunting task of addressing staff performance problems, you need to focus

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