the shipping industry today

The Major Challenges in the Shipping Industry Today

The shipping industry has dispensed its fair share of encounters throughout the years. More challenges will come into play for the coming years. To ensure that your marine transport business remains sustainable, invest in the right products. For instance, get the right marine cable from a trusted supplier. Moving forward, this guide will tackle significant challenges that

Interest-only Payment

Title Lending: an Overview of Interest-only Payment

When it comes to title loans in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Provo, or Orem, an interest-only payment option is a privilege. It allows you to obtain instant cash without the pressure of repaying what you owe immediately. Although it is just good for a limited time, the lower monthly payment gives you more financial flexibility,

Etrepreneur starting a food business

Real Talk: The Three What-ifs that Keep People from Being Entrepreneurs

Anyone who’s ever tried pursuing a business idea or opportunity knows well that it’s not a smooth-sailing project. For sure, you’ve seen how your uncle struggled to put up his restaurant business. You’ve also seen your former officemate still reeling from the financial failure of her first small venture. These stories leave many aspiring entrepreneurs,

Effective Techniques to Increase Your Dental Clinic’s Profitability

All businesses’ survival will depend on the number of clients they serve and how many of those same customers will remain loyal in the long run. The same principle applies even to the most basic dentistry service company. For those who plan to acquire an existing dental business or already own a dental clinic, planning

scattered paper bills

Simple Ways to Improve Your Finances

Given the high asking prices on houses, most people can’t afford to buy a home without a line of credit. Mortgages are the go-to solution for the average American who can’t afford to raise hundreds of thousands without a line of credit. However, qualifying for a mortgage isn’t a walk in the park, and most

woman shopping online

Making Your Online Store a Standout

With thousands of online stores selling the same items and offering the same services, how do you make yours a standout? How can you turn your online store to a success? The most important thing you need to do is to take care of your customers by providing the best experience shopping on your online

credit card

When to Take Your Name Off Someone Else’s Credit Card

Being an authorized user on another person’s plastic can help you build your credit fast in the Beehive State. It allows you to thicken your file more quickly as you begin to learn how to manage your finances. Although you are sharing the credit card with the primary holder, you are not held liable for

woman smiling in front of her laptop

Should You Fear the Thought of Shifting to a New Career Path?

Do you want to know if you are at risk of becoming sick because of all the stress that you have to endure in your life? Or do you want to just measure how stressed you are? Then carry out an assessment yourself through the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory. It is a stress scale that

unhappy employee

Employee Apathy: What Is It and Its Causes?

Unhappy employees are easy to spot. They bicker, complain, and exhibit clear signs of frustration. But what about those who are silently discontent and do not care for what they do? They might be experiencing employee apathy, which is subtle and dangerous to any company. Find out what employee apathy is and its possible causes:


Asphalt Paving Costs an Average of $415 in Salt Lake City

The average cost of professional asphalt paving in Salt Lake City may cost around $415 on average for a 215-square-foot driveway, including the cost of labor. Most contractors usually charge per hour. Based on the median price in the city, it may cost $122 for 2.2 hours of asphalt paving while the price of asphalt

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