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5 Ways to Bring Down Your Business Expenses During a Pandemic

To say that the coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard is a huge understatement. When the lockdowns implemented and social distancing was put in place, it has been hard for businesses to stay open, let alone operate. All industries were affected, not one profession was spared by the pandemic’s adverse effects. Physician, baker, commercial roof

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Recruiting during COVID: How Your Business Can Make It Painless

A typical hiring process is long. In the United States, it takes about 23 days to successfully choose a candidate who agrees to the offer and signs the contract. Although it’s as time-consuming as in other parts of the world, recruitment duration is worse than in 2014, according to Glassdoor. The coronavirus pandemic is likely

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Defusing and Managing Interoffice Squabbles

There is nothing more frustrating to business owners than to deal with the endless stream of office politics and employee squabbles. Let’s just say you walk to work early in the morning and two of your employees are already bickering with each other. You shrug them off and continue walking to your office. That’s nothing.

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What You Need to Do to Make Your Business Stand Out

In a world where competition frequently claims to be number one, and 58% of consumers are not loyal to a specific brand, it can be challenging to differentiate and create your own identity. It often leaves you continually battling against the competition for your customer’s loyalty. However, although it can be difficult, it’s not impossible.

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Business Profits Right Now

Purchase power has been in an upswing the past couple of years that businesses continue to be profitable even amid economic losses and job cuts. But the pandemic has put these things at the front and center of every business that wants to survive this period. Without customers pouring into your store, how can you

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Crash Course on Social Media Advertising for Online Selling Amid the Pandemic

Advertising on social media is a lot trickier than, say, posting memes. There are a lot of factors at play: the hierarchy of information on the caption, the demographic, and the time of day you should post the ad. According to the Digital 2020 report of DataReportal, the number of social media users has surpassed

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Dental Health Issues among Workers Can Cost Businesses Billions

Workplace absenteeism costs dollars–a lot of it. Circadian, a workforce solutions firm, even calls it a bottom-line killer. The direct costs associated with absenteeism can vary according to position and job. On average, it could reach almost $4,000 per hourly-wage worker each year, according to the firm. Meanwhile, a company that employs at least 500

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Business Essentials in the Time of a Pandemic

Why a business needs a website has never been more emphasized since the COVID-19 pandemic started. While retails sales plummeted in April, online shopping skyrocketed. According to The Office of National Statistics (ONS), “Online shopping as a proportion of all retail reached a record high of 30.7.” Hence, increasing online presence is crucial in these

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Strategies to Avoid Redundancies in Your Business

As the economy heads towards an uncertain future, many businesses are starting to feel financial pressure and deliberating their options to cut costs. For many employers, redundancy is one of the easiest ways to scrimp and save wherever possible. Unless you’re a heartless monster, nobody wants to let go of their most skilled and valuable

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Strategies for Improving Your Business’ Global Reach

The most difficult part of owning a business is actually getting started. Once you’ve got your foot out the door, it’s all smooth sailing when trying to establish your presence in the domestic market. After all that, you might be thinking, “what next?” The answer to that is to consider going global. With the numerous

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