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Store Management 101: Key Areas to Focus On

Business owners know that their best option to gain profit is the success of their retail store. The manufacturing of products and marketing strategies will not mean anything if customers cannot find a physical shop that provides all your items. There are a lot of tasks required before you can open your retail store. When

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Top Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Individuals

Tax deductions are a saving grace for self-employed individuals who are paying everything out-of-pocket. When it comes to being an independent contractor, every cent of your earnings count. You don’t want to overlook any deductions that could considerably reduce your tax bill. Put money back into your own pocket with these self-employment tax deductions you

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Important Pointers for Planning Your Retirement

After a long and fruitful career, you may find that now is the right time to take some rest and find more exciting ways to make the most of life. Retirement is something that many look forward to. But a lot of people do not realize that before you reach that point, you will find

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Critical Strategies in Cutting Building Material Costs

For a lot of people, setting up your own business is a dream come true. But ensuring that your business will have a good head-start means that you’ll have to invest in it. While there are people who can easily save up for a business in just a year, some companies will also take a

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Small Business Advice: Best Ways to Deal with Delinquent Payers

You’ve completed your end of the deal. But now, the client is ignoring your payment reminders. There’s a small chance that they are not doing it on purpose, but let’s face it: When a client is not paying, it’s a cause for concern, especially for a small business. Here are some ways you can get

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Protect Your Staff from COVID-19 as You Reopen Your Small Business

The pandemic is still not over. Everywhere around the world, the virus which started in Wuhan, China late last year, is still spreading, infecting, and claiming the lives of thousands every day. While, in the United States, the economy is back up, it is still not completely safe. You can, however, do some things to

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3 Kinds of Picky Eaters and What Parents Can Do About Them

Every parent knows how easy mealtimes can suddenly become a mental and physical battlefield. One day, children are cooperative and eat whatever is served in front of them. But the next day, they will cross their arms, turn their heads away from the table, and refuse to touch a single morsel on their plates. Parents

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When Should Retailers Start Decorating Their Shops for the Holidays?

Imagine yourself during the holiday season. It’s annoying how many people are out on the streets, but there’s also a sense of camaraderie among people. They are happier. You are happier. You smile at people and greet those who you’ve locked eyes with. It’s Christmas. The air smells like Christmas. Children are playing around the

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Whaling Ships to Couriers: New Zealand’s Delivery Service

The postal and delivery service industry in New Zealand is worth $2bn and involves over 3,700 businesses. Over the last five years, the demand for traditional mail services has declined by 60 million letters per year. Households and companies have turned to other cheaper and more efficient methods of communication, such as texts, social media,

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