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Whaling Ships to Couriers: New Zealand’s Delivery Service

The postal and delivery service industry in New Zealand is worth $2bn and involves over 3,700 businesses. Over the last five years, the demand for traditional mail services has declined by 60 million letters per year. Households and companies have turned to other cheaper and more efficient methods of communication, such as texts, social media,

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How Is COVID-19 Changing the Way Funeral Services Are Held?

A few months into the coronavirus pandemic, it’s evident that life will never be the same again. At the very least, it would take a while to untangle this routine of household isolation and physical distancing. These are uncertain times, however, and the best thing that the people can do is adjust to the growing

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Is Telehealth our Best Hope against a Global Pandemic?

As the total number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. escalates to 525,704, many hospitals have already exceeded maximum patient capacity. Limited bed availability and shortage of well-functioning medical equipment hinder patients from receiving proper care. Staffing is also a major concern due to the growing rate of infections among health care staff. Since infected workers must undergo quarantine for at

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How to Start Your Own Healthcare Clinic

Many doctors, after finishing medical school and successfully passing the exams, begin working in a clinic or hospital. This fulfills the residency period required from doctors before they can establish their profession. Some doctors end up pursuing a career in hospitals, while others dream of having their own private healthcare clinic. Starting a private practice

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4 Activities to Keep Your Child Productive During Summer

Summer is the time children spend for leisure and relaxation. They might stay up later than usual, or they might binge eat their favorite ice cream. You may tolerate these occasionally but as parents, you need to make sure your child stays productive in any way at this time. Here are summer activities for your children

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Four Ways to Grow Your Network Outside of the Office

Many people are familiar with the popular theory of six degrees of separation – the idea that everyone in the world is somehow connected through at most six intermediate links. Your friend’s sister-in-law has a colleague who went to school with a guy who now works for Elon Musk or something like that. The concept

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Let People Know Your Brand With These Advertising Methods

As a business owner, you know the importance of letting people know about your business. After all, if they do not know you are there, they won’t buy your stuff. The good thing about the current state of advertising is that there are many options available. Each has a different level of reach and has

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Home Health Care: Can You Make These Changes?

When someone you love suffers a debilitating illness like a stroke and survives, you need to prepare yourself for the time when your loved one comes home. You need to make a lot of adjustments, not just to your life but on the design of your house too. Hospitals and other health institutions have patient

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