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Small Business Advice: Best Ways to Deal with Delinquent Payers

You’ve completed your end of the deal. But now, the client is ignoring your payment reminders. There’s a small chance that they are not doing it on purpose, but let’s face it: When a client is not paying, it’s a cause for concern, especially for a small business. Here are some ways you can get

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Protect Your Staff from COVID-19 as You Reopen Your Small Business

The pandemic is still not over. Everywhere around the world, the virus which started in Wuhan, China late last year, is still spreading, infecting, and claiming the lives of thousands every day. While, in the United States, the economy is back up, it is still not completely safe. You can, however, do some things to


Automation: Boon or Bane?

We’ve read the headlines and tech stories, and seen the words “A.I.” and “machine learning” bandied around for years now, but it’s becoming an inescapable fact that automation is happening, and it’s coming to some industries sooner than others. In an article by the Forbes Technology council, these jobs were predicted to be mostly automated

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Outsourcing: a Cost-effective Business Practice

As competition and demands increase in various business industries, outsourcing also becomes highly sought after. This standard business practice entails contracting an organization’s processes to external providers or third-party agencies to tap into additional labor resources when the need calls for it. According to Microsourcing, the total cash value of outsourced services availed in the

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