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security camera at home

Safety First: How to Protect Your Home and Your Community

Crime rates still exist despite the pandemic. Experts believe that the pandemic might have exacerbated the problem. As the economy stumbles, people become ever more desperate in gaining the funds they need to survive. Because of this, crime happens, creating a negative feedback loop that’s hard to ignore. During the start of the pandemic, crime

parents with their children

4 Co-Parenting Tips You Should Know About

According to the CDC, 2019 data shows that for every 1,000 of the population, 2.7 of marriages end in a divorce. What many divorced individuals with families face is the challenge of raising their children in this setup. Distance takes a toll on communication, time, and the relationship itself. Meanwhile, the separation is already life-changing on

mosquito on skin

Effects of Climate Change on Mosquitoes

Every year, at least a million around the globe die of mosquito-borne diseases, according to the American Mosquito Control Association. Sadly, researchers have left us a dire warning that the number is less likely to decline. Instead, the situation will only get worse. In a study by Nature Microbiology, by 2050, two species of mosquitoes (and

Biker riding a motorcycle

The Impact of Air Pollution on Cancer in an Industrial Setting

In a local and international setting, pollution has always been a pressing issue. This is especially true for most developing and industrialised countries where most industrial complexes are situated in. In most cases, these industrial buildings will mass-produce products, and toxic materials being released as fumes will often be the byproduct of such businesses. Historically,

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