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mortician carrying the urn to a bed of white roses

How Is COVID-19 Changing the Way Funeral Services Are Held?

A few months into the coronavirus pandemic, it’s evident that life will never be the same again. At the very least, it would take a while to untangle this routine of household isolation and physical distancing. These are uncertain times, however, and the best thing that the people can do is adjust to the growing

Cost-effective Business

Outsourcing: a Cost-effective Business Practice

As competition and demands increase in various business industries, outsourcing also becomes highly sought after. This standard business practice entails contracting an organization’s processes to external providers or third-party agencies to tap into additional labor resources when the need calls for it. According to Microsourcing, the total cash value of outsourced services availed in the

IP-PBX concept

How to Choose the Right IP-PBX for Your Small Business

Small businesses can benefit from basic tools such as email plug-ins, which enable them to access contacts without the need to reopen apps. They must also have click-to-IM, click-to-SMS, and click-to-call features on their email apps. This is a great way to boost productivity, minimize costs, and allow the integration of third-party internet call service

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