Immigration Denmark: Permanent Resident Permits

Immigration Denmark: Permanent Resident Permits

A temporary residence and work permit coursed through one of the Immigration Denmark Schemes such as the Danish Green Card scheme, Positive List Scheme, Pay Limit Scheme, Corporate Scheme or any other special considerations from the Immigration Denmark special schemes could very well be the ticket to a permanent resident permit.

A foreign national 18 years old and above who is a holder of a temporary Danish residence permit for a minimum of four years can apply for permanent resident permit as stipulated in Immigration Denmark rules as long as he passes the requirements. In instances where the requirements are not met, he should apply for an extension of his current temporary residence permit.

Middle Eastern migrants, who came from Germany by ferry and train Sunday night, and are walking from Rodby in southern Denmark towards Sweden on Monday Sept. 7, 2015. 

If you have been a holder of a temporary residence permit and you believe that you are now qualified to apply for permanent residency permit, it is a requisite for you to score a total of 100 points from three categories set by Immigration Denmark protocol. The categories are Fundamental requirements for a total of 70 points, active requirements for 15 points and supplementary requirements for another 15 points.

Under the Immigration Denmark, the Fundamental requirements must all be met to score 70 points. The first is that you should have legally resided in Denmark for the last four years. You should not have committed any serious crime. You must not have any past due public debt. You must not have been receiving any type of public assistance at least three years before your application for a permanent residency. There are other stipulations stated in the Fundamental requirements pertaining to employment, language proficiency and more.

It is possible to obtain 15 points in two ways under active citizenship in Immigration Denmark ruling. The first is to show that you are an active citizen by being an active member of any organisation for at least a year. The second means is to take the Active Citizen Exams held every June and December.

Find Your Occupation

The Denmark positive list is a list of occupations which the Denmark Government has determined to be highly employable in Denmark.  Those professionals who are qualified for the employment areas in the positive list are seen as the most likely immigrants to be successful Denmark citizens.

An Immigrant applicant should look at the positive list and if his occupation is listed, he has a better chance of being offered a job.  The profession is most likely having a temporary shortage of qualified personnel.  Nordic citizens are free to reside, work and study in Denmark.  If you are seeking residence in Denmark and you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen covered by the freedom of movement of EU citizens, there may be special regulations regarding your stay in Denmark.

The positive list covers those individuals involved in Academic work; Management; IT and telecommunication; Sales, purchases and marketing; Educational, social and religious work; Health, healthcare and personal care; and Education.  An overview of the job titles included in the Positive List with their requirements and job specifications are available according to the different professional fields.

Candidates for immigration in Denmark are initially granted a residence permit for three years.  The permit is issued using a point-based system of individual evaluation for the final issuance of the Denmark Green Card.  Under the Green Card scheme, the minimum number of points to secure a residence permit in Denmark is 100.  These points are based on age, adaptability, language skills, work experience and educational level.  The candidate’s job must be in the Denmark Positive List.

The jobs listed in the list require a minimum educational level of a Professional Bachelor’s Degree.  There are also specialised jobs where a Danish authorisation should be obtained and they are stated explicitly.  An example is a foreign-trained doctor who must obtain authorisation from the Danish National Board of Health.

Spouses, cohabiting partners or registered partners, including children 18 years old and below of holders of a residence and work permit covered by the Denmark Positive List are likewise eligible for residence permits.  However, family members must live together at the same address in Denmark and each member must find a means of support.  During the time the residency permit is valid, the spouse or partner is allowed full-time work in Denmark.

How the Denmark Immigration Website Can Help You

Are you planning to go for your next holiday trip to Denmark? Or are you interested to study in Denmark? Or may be one of your close relative who resides in Denmark has invited you to work over there?

Whatever be the reason, the bottom line is that you are planning to immigrate to Denmark, one of the most powerful EU members. Either you wish to visit Denmark or plan to stay over there for a long time, the first thing you need to do is clearing all the Denmark Immigration rules and regulations.

Now, you might be wondering as to how to do this. Visit the Denmark Immigration Website, the official website of the Danish government for conducting all the immigration related issues.

The Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs of Danish government is in charge of this Denmark Immigration Website which works as a thread between the country and the interested foreigners. As it introduces itself as the official portal for foreigners and integration, Denmark Immigration Website acts like a guide who will help the foreign citizens in each step to obtain Danish visa or permits. Whether you are coming to Denmark or you have queries regarding the integration and citizenship, visit this official website of Danish government and it will guide you in the right way. Not only immigration related queries, it also helps the students and the job seekers to find all the necessary information.

As this website is updated around the clock, the visitors get the latest information on any issues. To provide a warm welcome to its worldwide visitors, this Denmark Immigration Website is available in all the major languages. Foreign nationals can also download any immigration form from this website and enjoy its Online Application facility.

So plan your Denmark visit in the most hassle-free way with Denmark Immigration Website. You may rest assured that your stay in Denmark will be free of any legal complications.

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